Leading FMCG corporate business builder Innoleaps has announced a new partnership with Dutch food manufacturing company Cibus Nexum to take its end-to-end innovation process to the next level. The partnership will empower Innoleaps clients to test, iterate and learn faster, enabling them to bring better products to the market.

About Cibus Nexum

As an independent center of expertise in food contract manufacturing, Cibus Nexum provides expertise and knowledge to stakeholders within the food supply chain. Founded in April 2021, the company has gained a host of plaudits for its end-to-end project management services and the way that it unburdens clients to establish the best possible co-manufacturing setup. 

Cibus Nexum was formed by co-founders Pascal Ruzius and Arjen van der Wijk. Ruzius is an agricultural engineer with 25 years of food experience in procurement and entrepreneurship, while van der Wijk has a background in mechanical engineering and boasts 22 years of experience in procurement and supply chain management. Both are assisted by Stijn de Bats, who joined Cibus Nexum in September 2021. De Bats is a food technologist that is fanatical about plant-based and dairy products, as well as product development and CAPEX procurement. 

New partnership

The new partnership between Innoleaps and Cibus Nexum will provide a clear pathway for FMCG companies to execute their innovation process faster and more effectively by allowing product development and sample production to take place externally.

This partnership allows us to drastically change the game for our FMCG clients. We can now run 10-15 mini launches of new innovative products per year moving from idea to shelf, including product sampling. This allows FMCG incumbents to truly compete not only on scale but also on speed just like the challenger brands do - Misha de Sterke, Managing partner.

Innoleaps has significant experience in the fast and proven development of product ideas and concepts. When new projects enter the testing phase, product samples first need to be produced. Outsourcing this task avoids the risk of slowing down the process. Innoleaps and Cibus Nexum will work together to enable brands to circumnavigate this bottleneck. 

We are hugely excited to enter this partnership with Innoleaps, says Arjen. We strongly believe the proposition we are now offering is unique and will be of great benefit to our clients.

The combination of Innoleaps’ innovation expertise and the knowledge and experience of Cibus Nexum in the effective outsourcing of new product development and production makes it possible for businesses to tap into a unique innovation model. With both companies having successfully managed projects, such as Good Good’s keto-friendly peanut butter or Nestlé Wunda milk alternative, they look forward to working together to further disruptive innovation in the FMCG space - from idea generation all the way through to production. 

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