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Building The Businesses Of Tomorrow

We build & develop the
growth engines
of the future.

We help global corporations develop, launch and scale new ventures in an entrepreneurial way to accommodate the fast-changing needs of their customers.

Since 2013 we have launched and scaled more than 200 digital ventures for global corporations across Europe, the USA, Asia Pacific, and Africa.

Trusted by some of the biggest companies in the world

Our mission is to empower global corporations to innovate and grow.

We facilitate this across 4 areas of expertise

Growth Strategy

Shape your innovation strategy & your portfolio of ventures to win in markets that are being rapidly disrupted by new technologies and business models.

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Venture Building

Re-invent your existing product portfolio or launch products with new business models in different geographies. We help you create tangible growth opportunities.

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Open Innovation

Tap into our global pool of startup talents, tech & investments in order to accelerate your innovation journey & discover the power of collaboration.

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Capability Building

Established companies shouldn't be completely dependent on external agencies for applying lean startup methodologies. We will help you train & develop your workforce of the future.

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We are more than traditional consultants.

We are an international team of successful Entrepreneurs, Investors & Business Builders.

Companies that adapt the fastest, win.

Creating a new business that goes beyond your core capabilities cannot be scaled within your existing organizational structure.

We help you set up a second operating system that helps you build and scale new businesses on new horizons. C-level protection is crucial to protect the new early stage ventures from the 'immune system' of the core business.

Startup Speed, Corporate Scale

We provide a repeatable methodology to help our global partners create continuous growth. We help to re-invent the existing business and build new businesses outside of your traditional core. Through our proven growth framework you are able to define & execute your new strategy, at a high speed.

We always focus on how we can leverage your existing brands and sales channels to create an unfair advantage in the market and to be able to scale new innovations faster.

With strong expertise in business model Innovation, digital technology and scaling methodologies we help our global partners build the businesses of tomorrow.


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