Amsterdam - 9th May 2022 - Startupbootcamp intends to raise €6 million in growth capital for the Bold Action program– spread over three rounds – of which the first round of €2 million has just been successfully raised via the Nxchange platform. 

What is the bold action program?

Bold Action is a response to the lack of urgency, progress and real leadership on the SDGs. A way to fast-track innovations that’ll save our and our children's lives. Over the next 3 years, we will invest in 90 of the most promising impact startups around the world.

For professional and starting investors alike, this IPO provides the opportunity to invest in the driving force behind the sustainable transition - innovation. In this model, they get to diversify their investment risk by investing in 90 startups and enjoy the luxury of liquidity on the secondary market, all whilst investing with impact. It’s a unique proposition that's to date still unprecedented in the market.

“We need to stop discussing and start investing,” says Joey Moreau, Head of Investor Relations at Startupbootcamp “Otherwise it will be too late. With Bold Action, we as Startupbootcamp take our responsibility. Startups are really committing to a better and more sustainable future and are doing so with great dedication. Bold Action is therewith our answer to the lack of urgency, action, and leadership in the wider society. Anyone wishing to be part of this initiative as an investor, partner or mentor is welcomed with open arms. After all, we only have a chance to achieve the objectives together.”

The time is now. 

In the past 7 years, we have made only about 5% progress globally towards these goals. Moreover, there are only eight years left to reach 95% of these targets, which we will not achieve at the current pace and without innovative solutions. According to calculations, we need to accelerate around 170.000 early-stage startups in the coming years to reach the goals. If we really want to reach the SDGs, we must act now. 

The capital already raised will be used to select and accelerate the first 30 impact startups of the Bold Action program.

The IPO of SBC Bold Action is live on, will you invest with us in a portfolio of 90 startups that’ll drive the progress and change we need?

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