Amsterdam, 16th May - 2022 - Innoleaps is proud to announce the launch of its latest new partnership with company Full Funnel Growth. Innoleaps is an end-to-end entrepreneurial business builder, that helps leading FMCG and Energy corporations around the world to re-invent their existing portfolios and build new disruptive ventures. They combine execution, together with a focus on strategy & governance to enable clients to increase the success rate of their innovations. This new international partnership enables Innoleaps to serve their global clients better and validate and scale new products in the US market. 

Full Funnel Growth, also known as FFG, is a full-stack growth marketing agency with in-house design, marketing, and development capabilities. FFG works across industries for B2B and B2C companies. They provide strategy and execution services, often becoming an extension of their client’s marketing teams by working closely to align strategy, establish KPIs, and create customized strategic business plans to reach client goals effectively & repeatedly. 

"Since Innoleaps is a global operating company helping large corporations launch better products faster to market, the expansion in the US market with FFG is a true win-win situation. With the FFG digital capabilities and the Innoleaps FMCG methodology, we are closer to our mission of building the businesses of tomorrow."
- Misha de Sterke, Managing Partner at Innoleaps 

As CEO of Full Funnel Growth, Matt Swulinski has focused on developing international partnerships, such as Innoleaps in this case, to expand the reach & impact of their unique data-driven, experimentation-focused approach to marketing. One of their core verticals lies in the CPG D2C space, where they work with companies like Tea Forte, L’OR Espresso, Walkers Shortbread and many more. The intersection of how D2C eCommerce strategies can be applied to the larger overall FMCG space within the United States is explicitly what FFG is bringing to the table with their partnership with Innoleaps.

“We’re extremely excited to formalize this partnership with Innoleaps, with what started as teaching students how to be Growth Hackers for Startupbootcamp in NYC & then training the Marketing Team of Georgia Pacific in Atlanta, we are now in a unique place to have a significant impact in the FMCG space in North America as a whole. Our Growth Marketing experimentation methodology enabled across the whole funnel combined with the Innoleaps’ FMCG approach sets us apart from the many other players in the market.” 
- Matt Swulinski, CEO of Full Funnel Growth

It’s been a busy year for Innoleaps so far with a focus on expanding the reach of their services internationally. Earlier this year, they partnered with Chaoly, a Chinese E-commerce agency, to start making waves in the booming Chinese and Southeast Asian FMCG market. With high international growth ambitions, Innoleaps’ focus remains on serving their global FMCG and Energy clients.

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