Amsterdam, 24 June-2021 - Innoleaps and Startupbootcamp are pleased to announce the appointment of Marc Jellema as their new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), in a move that reinforces the company's commitment to digital transformation and data-driven innovation. 

Marc brings a wealth of experience to the CTO position, not only as an entrepreneur but also as a seasoned data scientist. Prior to joining Innoleaps and Startupbootcamp, Marc co-founded his own start-up, Tom Kabinet (a Startupbootcamp portfolio company), selling second-hand ebooks. He has been coaching startups as a government accredited coach and delivered tangible results with his work as a data scientist for several SME’s and global corporations.

Although Marc has fulfilled every C-level role at one point or another in his career, it is the technical aspects of doing business that he is truly passionate about. His appointment will help Innoleaps and Startupbootcamp take the next step towards digital transformation. 

Since early 2020 both companies have been focusing more on providing digital solutions and platforms towards their corporate partners to enable faster growth of their new ventures. To further develop and strengthen the digital transformation journey, a key position within the management team became available with the goal of combining fundamental technical knowledge and C-level business acumen to deliver data-first digital solutions. 

“One of Marc’s great strengths is the way he is able to act as a bridge between new technologies and C-level executives, enabling them to easily grasp complex ideas and adopt a future-focused mindset. He will prove to be a fantastic asset for both Innoleaps and Startupbootcamp, making sure businesses can use technology and data science to define new services and propositions.” - Patrick de Zeeuw, Founder & CEO of Innoleaps and Startupbootcamp.

“I have always loved the start-up approach to doing business - being given the opportunity to build something. Today, I believe data must underpin all digital transformation strategies - for both start-ups and corporates. I’m looking forward to working with businesses based across a broad spectrum of industries and helping them find new ways of using their existing datasets to push innovation to the next level.” - Marc Jellema, CTO at Innoleaps and Startupbootcamp.

If you want to find out how Innoleaps and Startupbootcamp can help your organization unlock cutting-edge insights, reach out to Marc today and explore how data-driven innovation can help your business grow.

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