Amsterdam, 10th February - 2022 - Innoleaps is proud to announce the launch of its new partnership with Chaoly, that will bring its services to markets in China and South-East Asia. The end-to-end entrepreneurial business builder helps FMCG and CPG corporations around the world to re-invent their existing portfolios and build new disruptive ventures. The partnership will bring Innoleaps’ proven corporate innovation experts closer to some exciting new FMCG markets.

Global travel and increasing internet access may have made the world a smaller place than ever before, but there remain plenty of differences between each market. In China, for example, homecare and health alternatives were two of the consumer categories to recently buck the trend of declining sales caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In SE Asia, meanwhile, interesting new drivers of consumption have been identified over the last 12 months. Innoleaps’ worldwide innovation ecosystem means it is well aware of the nuances that determine success in each market.

By working alongside Chaoly, Innoleaps can expand its services into the hot markets of SE Asia and China. Asian FMCG markets are expected to recover rapidly post-pandemic, with the region predicted to be the second-fastest growing globally. But given that Asia already accounts for more than 37% of the world’s grocery sales, competition is fierce. For international businesses and outside investors, determining which ventures will prove successful remains a challenge. Innoleaps stands ready to meet this challenge, helping corporates to ideate, validate and scale new products and business models in the Asian FMCG market. The company will be ably assisted by Daphne Tuijn, CEO of Chaoly, alongside an expertly assembled team. 

“We want to offer our global clients a global reach. If we developed successful products or D2C platforms in Europe, we can now also test and scale them up in South East Asia. I have already worked with Daphne and her team in the past and I'm happy that we can continue our collaboration in the field of corporate innovation”  Misha de Sterke, Managing Partner Innoleaps 

Daphne is a technology specialist with extensive knowledge of ​​China’s eCommerce market. She has a strong desire to formulate successful growth strategies for companies entering the region. Plus, having built both eCommerce and technology companies in China, Daphne knows first-hand what it takes to succeed in this fast-paced economy.

“I moved to SE Asia to facilitate Innoleaps’ new expansion into Asia that will help serve its global clients,'' Daphne said. “Our team consists of growth hackers, designers, and leadership coaches that will support clients on the ground, while our first-rate data analytics tools will reinforce every decision we make.”

With its large (and growing) demand for Western products, China already represents a potentially lucrative market for FMCG brands. Similarly, SE Asia, with its tiger economies and rapidly rising living standards, should not be overlooked. 

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