Identifying inefficiencies

Working alongside the Unit4 team, we identified a problem in the Dutch healthcare system relating to how providers carry out the reporting of patient records, such as blood measurements. Health reporting is at the heart of health organizations, however, due to heavy regulation and the challenging speed of innovation, this is a strenuous process that requires manual input of patients’ records by caregivers, care managers and doctors.

After extensive research and data collection, we came to the conclusion that the stream made of registering and communicating patient data, such as the blood sugar measurements of a patient with a condition such as diabetes, was unnecessarily complicated and inefficient. As it stands, caregivers are required to take patient measurements, record them manually on paper and send them to a doctor for assessment who will then give recommendations before sending back to the caregiver to pass on to the patient. It’s a long-winded process that, on average, takes 33 steps.

Digitizing measurement-taking

So how would we solve this? In the first month, we ran dozens of online experiments to identify what problem we were solving between the caregivers, care managers, patients or doctors. After studying a host of data points from over 500 interviews and online surveys, it emerged that caregivers were the key customer segment.

We convinced one big health organization to sign a contract that involved co-creating and testing a solution with 80 caregivers. We worked with a small team from the company, adding a core Innoleaps team to assist, guide and help build a proposition. This resulted in the birth of an MVP app called MeetMattie. Digitizing measurement-taking, this app aimed to integrate direct feedback for caregivers alongside the double checking of medication as well as communicating results to the specialists in a fast and more efficient way. As part of ongoing research during the testing process, we conducted face-to-face interviews with caregivers who had tested the prototype app and appreciated its proactive signalling ability, which alerted them to the next steps. As budget holders, they saw a huge opportunity with MeetMattie to turn unbillable hours of the past into time they could now invoice for.

And so within the third month of starting the project, we had validated a go-to-market strategy targeting a very specific group of customers. We successfully launched after six months.

New hope for healthcare

With the ability to record blood levels directly, MeetMattie was able to cut the 33-step data registration process down to just 11 steps. This means that each caregiver saves five minutes registration per measurement per patient in billable time and the manager saves 20 minutes of communication per patient per week in non-billable time. As for the patient, the quality of care is vastly improved and the chance of mistakes being made is reduced considerably.

MeetMattie therefore gives organizations the power to position themselves as more innovative and trusted healthcare software providers.

MeetMattie always gives you relevant information and ensures that you can enter or register measurements with a few clicks of a button. This saves time and can be spent on the most important part of a healthcare professional's job; providing quality care.