Our client, a leading player in the snacking and confectionery sector, wanted to innovate its business model through the development of a digital platform. With a significant market share in confectionery across various countries, they sought to overcome the challenges of market saturation and seasonal consumption. 

The goal was to reposition their products as a versatile and integral part of the food experience, transforming the cultural perception and consumption habits associated with them.

The Challenge

As the market leader in the category, growth opportunities were limited due to already extensive market penetration. Additionally, the seasonality of their products posed a significant challenge. The client needed a strategy to change consumer behaviour, making confectionary a year-round food experience. This involved creating a new market segment and establishing their products as components of diverse culinary experiences.

Innoleaps' Solution

To achieve this, the Innoleaps team embarked on a comprehensive strategy focusing on business model innovation through the creation of a digital platform. The aim was to integrate their offer into the broader food culture, starting from one large European city, a trendsetting hub in the country. Key elements of the solution included:

  1. Engagement with Influencers: We identified key opinion leaders (KOLs) on Instagram who had a connection with confectionery. By engaging content creators and micro-influencers, we generated a buzz around the new services and promoted the new platform through their networks.
  2. Experiential Marketing: We organized events and experiences that paired our client’s products with other foods and beverages, such as wine, in various venues including restaurants, wine bars and pizzerias. These events created a tangible buzz, leading to increased interest from other restaurants wanting to participate.
  3. Digital Platform Development: We developed an online platform where restaurants could innovate their menus with the new offerings. This platform also facilitated B2B and B2C sales through partnerships with delivery services like Deliveroo, allowing consumers to order curated boxes pairing confectionary products with wine and other savoury foods.


The MVP phase of the platform involved several key steps:

  • Survey and Research: We conducted surveys through the key opinion leaders' networks to gather real-time data on consumer preferences and needs. This data, combined with insights from expert interviews, informed the design of our experiments and product offerings.
  • Event Collaboration: Through platforms like Eventbrite, we partnered with wine bars and restaurants to host sold-out events that featured ice cream pairings. These events served as both market research and promotional activities for the brand and new platform.
  • Ambassador Program: Influencers and ambassadors promoted the platform, enhancing visibility and driving consumer engagement.


Results This initiative successfully redefined the consumer consumption experience, resulting in:

  • Increased Engagement: The influencer-led campaigns and experiential events generated significant buzz, attracting both consumers and restaurants.
  • Market Penetration: Despite the challenges in entering the premium and artisanal market segments, the initiative paved the way for our client’s products to be seen as a versatile ingredient, expanding its presence beyond cafes and bars to include restaurants.
  • Sales Growth: The digital platform facilitated seamless B2B and B2C transactions, driving sales and enabling innovative menu offerings in partner restaurants.


This project exemplifies how digital platform creation and business model innovation can transform consumer goods markets. By leveraging influencer marketing, real-time data, and experiential events, we helped our client reposition their product as a year-round culinary experience. The successful implementation of the MVP phase sets the stage for further growth and expansion in Europe, demonstrating the potential of innovative approaches to overcome market saturation and seasonality challenges.