Our client, a renowned European company in the beverage sector, aimed to innovate its business model by developing a digital platform for “regenerative experiences”. The brand, with a rich heritage, sources natural spring water from the Alps, and wanted to strengthen its equity as a sustainability leader, emphasising its commitment to preserving and protecting the mountain ecosystem.

The Challenge

To overcome the market pressures on pricing, the client sought to leverage their environmental efforts to build a stronger connection with consumers. The challenge was to create a digital platform that would engage a community passionate about environmental sustainability, specifically targeting the segment of “change makers” - Millennial consumers actively pursuing sustainable practices.

Innoleaps’ Solution

To address this, Innoleaps focused on creating a digital platform that would serve as a hub for environmentally conscious individuals. Key elements of the solution included:

  1. Community Engagement: We designed a platform where users could log in and access opportunities to contribute to environmental preservation efforts. This platform aimed to foster a community of like-minded individuals committed to sustainability and protecting the mountain ecosystem. 
  2. Partnerships with Startups, environmentally active corporates and Charities: In collaboration with a startup specializing in sustainable trips, we incorporated sustainable tourism packages into the platform. This not only promoted eco-friendly travel but also enhanced the platform's appeal by offering tangible actions users could take.
  3. Brand Strategy: We developed a brand strategy that highlighted the company’s efforts in preserving the mountain ecosystem. This strategy was communicated through various channels to reinforce the brand's commitment to sustainability.


The implementation phase involved several critical steps:

  • Pilot Phase: The platform was piloted in 2022, targeting change makers who are passionate about environmental causes.
  • Building Partnerships: Throughout 2023, we strengthened partnerships with startups, corporates and charities to enrich the platform's offerings. This included adding sustainable tourism packages and other eco-friendly initiatives.
  • Marketing and on-packaging Campaign: A comprehensive marketing campaign was launched to promote the initiative. This included TV commercials, in-store promotions, and QR codes on product bottles directing consumers to the platform.


The digital platform initiative successfully enhanced the brand’s equity and positioned it as a leader in sustainability:

  • Increased Engagement: The platform attracted a community of environmentally conscious individuals, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose among users.
  • Brand Awareness: The extensive marketing campaign significantly boosted brand awareness and communicated the company’s sustainability efforts effectively.
  • Partnership Growth: The collaboration with startups and charities enriched the platform, offering users diverse opportunities to engage in sustainable activities.


This project demonstrates how digital platform creation and business model innovation can transform a brand’s market presence. By leveraging sustainability efforts and engaging with a community of changemakers, we helped our client build a stronger brand identity. The successful implementation of the platform and the subsequent marketing campaign have set the stage for continued growth and engagement in the environmental sustainability space.