What do we offer you?

You will become part of an amazing international team consisting of 70+ dedicated and ambitious professionals
that are driven to achieve growth and impact, but who also love to come together to have a laugh!

A strong focus on your
personal development & the opportunity to work for world-leading clients.

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Tons of opportunities to stimulate your personal growth - you can join internal workshops and trainings & on top of that you will receive a personal learning budget of € 80,- per month.

We have offices located in some of the best cities in the world.
All of our office spaces aim to inspire & to provide our employees with an amazing place to work.

Inspiring office locations all around the world.

Global innovation

A unique opportunity to be involved in a global innovation ecosystem & learn from the most passionate and successful entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. 

Your worldwide network will expand 10fold with our collection of startups, scaleups, corporates, young professionals, Innovators & entrepreneurs

We're a pretty flexible bunch when it comes to where you work from, even more so since COVID-19 hit. We trust you to work from wherever you feel most productive; whether that be your home or a local coffee bar. We do value our team spirit & bond, so it's always nice if you come to the office every now & then to say hello to your colleagues.

Flexible working

Macbook Pro.

We'll make sure you can do your work effectively, and in style of course!
When you join our team you'll get your own Macbook pro.

Because its proven that office dogs stimulate happiness.
There are usually 2 or 3 dogs running around our office ready to take your day from a 5 to a solid 10!

Office dogs.

We're on a mission to find the most talented innovation professionals in the world to join our fast-growing global team