Employees in large companies tend to be very well trained at running projects from an executional-focused viewpoint as they are given all the tools, and have the correct mindset for that project management role. That need changes however, if they still need to search for their customer, or develop and iterate on a new product. This requires a completely new toolkit & a different mindset in order to succeed.

We train and empower your intrapreneurs to run the new business models we discover. We train them in all the necessary methodologies to build, test, scale & manage your new ventures in the market. We deem it necessary to also train adjacent staff departments (IT, procurement, HR, Legal) in this way of working. In this way they will learn how corporate startup teams work and can act as an ambassadors.

How can you train & develop a future-proof intrapreneurially-minded workforce?

What is the role of senior management within innovation accelerators?

What does an entrepreneurial mind-set, skill-set & tool-set actually mean, why is it relevant and how can we foster it through our company?