Rapid disruption is creating a profound impact on the future as we know it.

New technologies and business models, coupled with unpredictable global shifts, are rapidly impacting all sectors and markets.

For this, the traditional approaches to strategy setting are no longer viable, calling for faster & more agile business planning. Every company wants to avoid commoditization and achieve growth. The question becomes; “where is the money to be made in the future?” We help you determine growth opportunity areas to focus innovation activities and connect the innovation strategy with the corporate strategy.

The dominant pattern in which established companies allocate their resources is focussed on executing or optimizing their core business. We spot disruptive opportunities, by deep diving in the periphery of your market. We scout relevant startups, detect unsolved customer needs and create alignment on board level around your innovation strategy and portfolio.

We can help you answer questions like:

Where & how can we grow?

Which disruptive trends will impact our business & how can we leverage them?

How are we able fund & govern new ventures in the most effective way?

Our services
as your solution.


Disruptive analysis

We scan our global startup and scaleup ecosystem - leveraging our proprietary databases and scouting technology - to quickly analyse the disruptive trends that shape your markets not only from within your sector but also from the adjacent ones.


Executive & senior management sessions

We engage your Board & Executive Team in full-day interactive workshops to:
∙ Understand the latest disruptive trends
∙ Align on a shared vision for innovation and growth
∙ Identify and prioritise a balanced portfolio of core and disruptive innovations
∙ Ensure proper commitment of financial and talent recourses to execute
∙ Set up "Dual-Core governance" with a dedicated "Venture Board"


Venture advisory board

We take an active role as external challengers on your Venture Board, educating your members on Innovation Accounting, metered funding and helping them to make the transition from managing to coaching your innovation teams.

We take a role in advising you how to measure and fund early stage disruptive ventures appropriately. Which metrics should you measure, when is it ready to scale, and how much money needs to be invested and why.


Operating model for building new ventures

Most impediments for innovation occur on a tactical level; with the majority related to IT, legal, compliance & quality control.

We recreate new or reframe existing corporate policies to enable innovation teams to work faster and avoid future obstructions.

We help global corporations respond to disruption by building the businesses of tomorrow.

Understand how we can help your company realise its growth ambitions