Royal FrieslandCampina N.V. is a Dutch multinational dairy cooperative which is based in The Netherlands. It is the world’s largest dairy co-operative and one of the top 5 dairy companies in the world with annual revenue of 11 billion euros. FrieslandCampina has branch offices in 33 countries and employs a total of 21,927 people.

FrieslandCampina’s purpose is ‘nourishing by nature’. With this the company strives for better nutrition for the world, a good living for its member farmers now and for generations to come. 

To put the purpose into action the company continuously strives to have a seamless congruence between critical tasks, its people, formal organization and the culture. Operating in so many different countries and business models it embraced the Growth Mindset as the mental model. The management team of Growth Markets & Global Accounts at FrieslandCampina wanted to learn, exercise and embed the Growth Mindset. The journey started with the team coming together in two half day masterclasses both virtually as well as in-person. Next to understanding the principles and analyzing corporate cases the participants went through a series of exercises to apply and instill Growth Mindset. Team started to develop a growth-oriented culture with common language and continuous feedback loops. This improved team cohesion tremendously.  

Mesut Celebi, CEO Innoleaps USA hosted the Growth Mindset masterclass for the Frieslandcampina team, and in the short video below you can find out what they learn on their journey to activating & nurturing their very own Growth Mindset and how it will impact their work.