StartupAmsterdam and Smart Health Amsterdam have joined forces with Startupbootcamp to launch a new digital community-driven platform supporting the city’s entrepreneurs. The Amsterdam-focused program, Amsterdam Squared, is available completely online, and local entrepreneurs can register here at any point, starting from the 19th of October 2020. It will support the development and growth of cutting-edge startups and scaleups by providing relevant content, e-learning, an online community, and a large sum of ‘Startupbootcamp’s exclusive deals’ from companies like Amazon Web Services and Freshworks. The content, e-learning, community, and other platform features are integrated via Startupbootcamp’s digital accelerator platform, branded as Accelerator Squared. The platform’s goal is to completely digitalize the so-called ‘founders journey’ from starting up to scaling up and exiting a company. The internal Startupbootcamp platform, which is branded as Accelerator Squared, has recently attracted lots of interest from governments worldwide that aim to support their local startup and scaleup ecosystem. 

The agreement between StartupAmsterdam, Smart Health Amsterdam, and Startupbootcamp’s Accelerator Squared proves that governments strategically aim to support and help grow startups and scaleups in their community. The City of Amsterdam took this position back in 2015 when it launched StartupAmsterdam. Furthermore, Smart Health Amsterdam is on a collective quest to make the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area a leader in health innovations, sharing insights and technological advances to improve wellness in the region and throughout the world. Over the last few years, the city of Amsterdam has become a European hotspot for startups and scaleups. The city currently ranks the #3 in Europe and #12 in the world, according to StartupGenome’s latest report about the world's leading startup ecosystems.

Kauan von Novack, Startupbootcamp’s Chief of Transformation and Managing Director of Accelerator Squared: “Startupbootcamp is excited to work with the key stakeholders in Amsterdam to support entrepreneurship and digital acceleration in the city. Helping innovators solve problems and develop innovative solutions is at the core of what drives us. Entrepreneurship plays a crucial role in getting out of an economic crisis. Therefore, it is a unique time to start this digital accelerator and community platform that entrepreneurs can join at their own convenience completely online and free of charge. The accelerator and online community incorporate all the things we’ve learned from years of investing and accelerating 1000+ startups globally, with access to courses and learnings, and an opportunity to engage with fellow entrepreneurs from the Amsterdam ecosystem, where you can meet, learn from, and collaborate with other founders, experts and innovators focused on making an impact. The startups and scaleups will benefit from our e-learning, expertise, network, and events, which we are very happy about.”

Patrick de Zeeuw, Founder and CEO of Startupbootcamp is very pleased with the StartupAmsterdam and Smart Health Amsterdam’s partnership: “It’s a great thing that StartupAmsterdam and Smart Health Amsterdam have taken this position to digitally support its fast growing start- and scaleup community. It will help the City of Amsterdam further strengthen its position as one of the main startup ecosystems in Europe and in the world. This year we’ll run our 100th Startupbootcamp accelerator program. This means that Startupbootcamp has made 1.000 investments in startups and scaleups across the globe since 2010. 18 months ago, we started working on Startupbootcamp’s ‘digital transformation’. The goal of our digital transformation is to help 1 million startups and scaleups grow and make an impact within the next 10 years. This is only possible if you leverage digital technology to the fullest. As an entrepreneur myself, an advisory board member at 30 scaleups, and being involved in over 50 Startupbootcamp programs, I’ve personally experienced and know very well what the challenges of startups and scaleups are. Two years ago, we decided to digitalize the ‘10 year founders journey, from starting up to scaling up and exiting’, addressing all major challenges startups and scaleups face during their journey and providing them with the tools, content, and community to tackle these challenges at speed and create opportunities and connections along the way.“

Entrepreneurs in the Amsterdam ecosystem will have direct exposure to the relevant local and international networks for any potential commercial cooperation, networking, industry expertise, and market insights. 

Femke Blokhuis, Director of Smart Health Amsterdam: “Growing a startup and boosting the growth of a grown-up business in the health sector can be extremely challenging due to finding access to data and funding. Smart Health Amsterdam fully supports talented and courageous health-tech entrepreneurs with Amsterdam Squared by launching this unique platform together with StartupAmsterdam and Startupbootcamp. This platform is built in a more scalable and tailor-made way than any other tools out there.“

Bas Beekman, Director of StartupAmsterdam: “At StartupAmsterdam we are proud to support initiatives like Startupbootcamp’s Accelerator Squared. This partnership will allow us to help Amsterdam-based startups and scaleups on a larger scale by combining digitalization and the power of a local ecosystem. This unique collaboration brings something new to the table by offering a community space ‘from Amsterdam for Amsterdam’ and keeps the city inclusive and open for young entrepreneurs. It has always been very easy to get in contact with people in the city, Amsterdam Squared offers a new possibility for innovators, entrepreneurs and investors to meet.”


Accelerator Squared was developed as an internal startup within Startupbootcamp during the last 18 months. The initiative started when Startupbootcamp’s Co-founder and CEO Patrick de Zeeuw asked a small group of the Startupbootcamp team members lead by Kauan von Novack, who runs SBC’s digital transformation, to develop a digital platform that could support and potentially also disrupt Startupbootcamp’s regular accelerators which allow just 10 startups per cohort to enter the program. De Zeeuw’s vision was that one-day Startupbootcamp programs, which require founders to relocate to a specific city where the programs are running, could be replaced by completely-digital programs that would be able to support founders across the globe at a much larger scale than Startupbootcamp can offer with its regular programs. After running 100 programs in the last 10 years, De Zeeuw felt it was time for Startupbootcamp to transform digitally. Several of the program’s elements are repetitive for every cohort, which means the ‘delivery’ of these elements can be partly ‘automated’. An important part of Startupbootcamp’s value to startups and scaleups is its community and network of 10.000+ mentors, hundreds of corporate partners, and thousands of investors it has in its network.

Startupbootcamp (SBC) is the world's leading industry-focused accelerator program for startups and scaleups. It runs its programs in Amsterdam, Milan, Melbourne, New York, Dubai, Cape Town, Osaka, and more. Industries it focuses on are Fintech, CommerceTech, FoodTech, EnergyTech, FashionTech, MediaTech, and programs that specifically center on sustainability and impact. The accelerator programs provide startups and scaleups with direct access to an international network of the most relevant industry-specific mentors, clients, and investors. 

StartupAmsterdam is an action program run by the City of Amsterdam that brings the public and private sectors together to support the startups, scaleups, entrepreneurs, and other players in the local ecosystem. By taking part in dozens of projects and initiatives promoting innovative and sustainable entrepreneurship since 2015, it’s helped the Dutch capital become a major player in the global scene.

Smart Health Amsterdam is a community for all organisations that work on preventing and treating diseases and encouraging healthy lifestyles. We are on a collective quest to make the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area a leader in health innovations, sharing insights and technological advances to improve wellness in the region and throughout the world. Smart Health Amsterdam’s platform stimulates innovation and cooperation between business, academic and public-sector partners in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

Startups and scaleups interested in joining Amsterdam Squared digital accelerator can do so (for FREE) here, and get access to a 10 year founders journey, exclusive startup deals, a global community of innovators, special events, and more!