We’re really proud of the new ventures, products, services and business models we’ve launched in
co-operation with some of the biggest companies in the world.
Most of our work we cannot share publicly, but here is a taste of what we could do for your company.

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Building the businesses of tomorrow
with the companies of the future.


Since 2013 we have empowered more than 200 corporate startups worldwide
to build their own growth engines and innovate beyond their core.  

What do our
clients say?

What do our clients say?

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I love the way you adopted the new ways of working and mindset to build businesses, in a new environment and setting. Innovate the way we innovate. Bringing back the pioneering spirit to re-invent big in Europe. You showed us how it could be done!

Jan Zijderveld
Former Unilever President Europe
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The Innoleaps accelerator constantly challenged us. We became a true team, lean and eager to fail small and early in order to reach success faster and cheaper. As a result we were not only able to take the product to market with amazing results but also bring back the behaviours of constantly experimenting and innovating into our new standard approach to ensure long and sustainable growth for this awesome product.

Christian Haggerty
Senior Consumer Marketing Manager at Philips
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Innoleaps has been a game changer for our company's challenge. It has freed up people and people's mindset, thereby showcasing that a group of individuals can crack the case in a limited timeframe. Trusting on an unknown outcome, Innoleaps has infused us with true entrepreneurial spirit.

Lennart Boorsma
(Former) Manager Business Development Innovation at Heineken

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