10X growth Machine

Misha de Sterke

The 10x Growth Machine helps companies incubate innovations systematically from idea to scale. No isolated innovation projects or disconnected initiatives. The 10x Growth Machine runs a portfolio of initiatives that have C-level protection and is rooted in the strategy of the organization. The culture of The 10x Growth Machine is entrepreneurial, and the progress of the (corporate) startup teams are measured and funded by a venture board that acts as an internal investor.

In this book, innovation expert Misha de Sterke describes a battle-tested methodology with a framework, a canvas, 8 models and 12 tools, to start building your own 10x Growth Machine.

I'm Hungry

Ruud Hendriks & Patrick de Zeeuw

In short practical chapters, the authors explain how a start-up company can grow faster and better in this day and age. They show how, through rigorous selection, investors can limit their risks and increase returns.

oh nee, een goed idee

Misha de Sterke

Many organizations are not short of good ideas, especially after all kinds of brainstorming sessions. Unfortunately they often get stranded after lengthy meetings and then, on a certain day, you don't hear anything anymore. Were we enthusiastic and motivated? The issues of the day take over. Time, energy, money and morale are wasted at a rapid pace. Ready to stand up and make positive change at work?

Oh nee, een goed idee offers you new, alternative and confronting perspectives and gives practical advice so that you learn how you can get your colleagues on board with changes and new ideas