Who are we?

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Innoleaps was founded in 2013 by 2 Dutch entrepreneurs, Patrick de Zeeuw & Ruud Hendriks. 

Innoleaps was born through Startupbootcamp which was founded in 2011, the largest startup accelerator outside the US, which has since made over 1,000 investments in startups and scaleups in over 50 countries.

At Innoleaps we use our extensive entrepreneurial experience alongside the very latest tools, and our innovative mindset to help global corporations turn ideas into existence & create the businesses of tomorrow.

Building scalable businesses is at the core of what we do & since 2013 we have co-launched more than 1,000 startups & scaleups and scaled 200 corporate ventures. 

As entrepreneurs at heart, we don't do things by half. It’s not in our DNA. We are committed to delivering you real results as if the company were our own.

We're hands-on from the get-go so don't expect trend reports and PDF stacks. Expect agility & perseverance from a dedicated team of entrepreneurial professionals.

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We’ve been known to go from idea to physical product launch in just 6 months; we don't mess around.

Innoleaps today.

Today, Innoleaps operates as a group of companies that helps startups, scaleups, corporates & governments launch new businesses in an

entrepreneurial way;
leveraging startup & scaleup methodologies & technologies to accelerate the speed of launching and scaling new ventures.
Having offices all around the world enables us to serve and support our customers based on specific local-market needs.

That being said, our business's strong digital core enables us to deliver programs and serve customers all over the world - with or without an office.
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