Executive Board Session

Aligned leadership drives better innovation

An engaging session for senior executives to discuss and align on the management and acceleration of innovation in your organization.


  • Engage senior management in the innovation roadmap for your organization
  • Clear understanding of how to enable managers to make innovation successful.
  • Concrete next steps to put into action.

Innovation Masterclass

A new mindset, skillset and toolset for your business ecosystem

To encourage awareness and prime your teams for optimum success in innovation, invite your internal ecosystem players to join this week-long journey through the Lean Startup tools and Agile way of working.


  • Gain an experiential overview of Lean Startup tools
  • Understand the importance of individual contributions to innovation.
  • Identify early innovators and potential innovation ambassadors


  • Intrapreneurs (product managers, market research, etc.)
  • Internal ecosystem-players (finance, legal, HR, IT etc.)
  • Participants come in with a business idea which they will work with during the Masterclass (for exercise purposes).

Innovation Challenge

How do you activate the collective thinking power in your organization to collect great ideas?  

Create enthusiasm, raise awareness and get your organization involved in generating ideas through a strong communication campaign around innovation. In the selection round, the most innovative teams will be selected to develop and pitch their idea at a 2-day bootcamp.


  • Broad organizational exposure to innovation initiatives
  • A predetermined number of teams that can enter an accelerator  
  • Identify early innovators and potential innovation ambassadors in the 2 day bootcamp

Enterprise Accelerator

Innovators working to launch a new high growth product

A 13-week mentorship program immersing teams of innovators into the world of lean startup product development and the agile way of working. Through a real-life, hands-on experience in working with lean startup tools, teams will search for your next validated business innovation.


  • Discover the process of identifying the customer’s problem and the potential solution for this market need.
  • Adopt a qualitative data-driven approach to validation
  • Transform employees into innovators and innovation ambassadors

Innovation sprint

Solving tough problems in a unique 5- day process

A 5-day intensive originally designed by Google Ventures to answer critical business questions. A team of specifically selected individuals from multiple teams uses design, prototyping an testing ideas with customers to validate an idea before developing it.


  • Receive clear data from showing a prototype to customers
  • Fast – forward into the future to see your prototype product and customer reactions before making any expensive commitments

Hire a Lean Entrepreneur

Tired of consultancy? Hire an entrepreneur to join your innovation team.

We can provide a co-entrepreneur that joins 1-2 days per week to keep everyone focused. This person will steer the validation of critical business assumptions in the first months of your new corporate venture or after an enterprise accelerator to provide hands-on implementation skills to align the corporate world and the startup mindset and help to scale further.


  • Not a standard consult, but someone who likes to get his/her hands dirty!
  • Inject an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Flexible support to stay agile


Innoleaps and Startupbootcamp are sister companies. We have close ties with different big startup ecosystems. In order to blend in and find partners, suppliers and other resources to help you out, we will use our extensive network to find a solution.


  •  Find partners to support your go-to-market strategy
  •  Apply the basics of growth-hacking to get traction in the market
  •  Do’s & don’ts when it comes to running a startup

Corporate Innovation day

An impression of the new innovation mindset

A day to inspire and engage on innovation and what it can mean for your company. The purpose of this sessions is to gain basic insights on the how and the what of innovation.

Innoleaps facilitates a session to give participants a common understanding of corporate innovation by delivering the following modules: Intro to Lean Startup, Customer Development, Business Model Canvas, Risky assumptions.


The Corporate Innovation Session will be held at the Innoleaps and Startupbootcamp HQ located in Amsterdam, where you will be surrounded by startups and scale ups that are innovating every day. Be inspired by our office and a new way of working.  We bring innovators together!


Together we will:

  • Give an experimental overview on a few startup modules to inspire and let participants interact on innovation
  • Learn how corporates can increase their innovation performance, and experience some of the available methods to innovate like a startup.
  • Hands-on practice with new skills and tools to experience a new and energetic way of working.